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French is a major language of business and international communication. A language that brings people together in Canada and around the world. French is the third most useful language for business after English and Mandarin.


French is the first or second language of many independent countries and international organisations. From culture to commerce, learning French will not only set you up as a front runner in your professional field, but leave you with a rich sense of belonging to a world culture.

SpeakTheSame was created to produce, operate and present in a professional manner, customized online and/or onsite French language training services. SpeakTheSame's objective is also to promote the French language, and to educate and increase the public's understanding and appreciation of the French language used as a langue of work, business and shared interests across Canada and around the world. 


French course will consist in providing adult learners opportunities to be actively involved, to interact with the teacher and to provide feedback on what they have learned while accomplishing language task related to the workplace. This may include presentations, discussions, and case study work to put things into a clearer perspective and ensure that key language knowledge can be applied “on the job” or in any specific situation.


We are a small team of professional, native-speaking French as a second language teachers. We adapt a custom learning plan for you based on your goals, your needs and the level of each class. Regular individual follow-up meetings will help you take ownership of your learning goals. We will work on your speech, pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary. We will use different motivating materials including digital resources and tutorials.