SpeakTheSame is a trilingual consulting and language services company that helps you understand the important business or life decisions that you make in another language.

We provide a complete range of specialized business and private consulting, writing, translation and legal interpretion services, in English, German or French with a focus on implementation services , business contracts and matters of inheritance and real estate in France.

The most successful negotiations are those where the parties can achieve a meeting of the minds and our goal is to help you overcome the obstacles that can stand in the way of a successful and mutually beneficial negotiations. A big part of our job is to prepare the information that you need to make informed decisions as you navigate the challenges of contracting and negotiations, and focus negotiation efforts where it matters most.


We can also assist you through the process of inheriting, buying or selling property in France. Inheriting or owning real estate located in France can be puzzling and our expert Dorothée MARTEL-REISON can help you cope with cultural and linguistic barriers.


Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.