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All online consultations are secure and will always remain confidential. We will send you a secure link upon booking your consultation. Please don’t forget to view our Privacy Policy for more information. 


Consultation are conducted by a qualified trilingual professional consultant and meant to provide general legal information and guidance for your matter and not legal services. We do not provide legal advice or guarantee outcomes of any matter arising from such advice. Fees paid are booking fees only and are not for legal service nor for services forming a lawyer/client relationship.

Consultation may last up to 45 minutes. You can book your consultation on this page and pay with Credit Card. Fees are in Canadian dollars (CAD). Please email us at for other payment options.

If you want to cancel your booking, you must notify us within 5 (five) hours prior to your consultation for a refund, after which there will be no refund issued. Refunds are applicable for booking cancellations only.

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