Business Meeting
Contracting & Negotiating

Management Consulting 

Legal Affairs & Contract Management

Commercial contracts (incl. complex sales model design.)

Business partnering (incl. standards for bidding and submission.)

Program implementation (incl. standards, procedures and tools. )

Legal and contractual model development.

Document management.

Compliance management (incl. anti-corruption and anti money-laundering (AML-BSA) procedures.

Cybersecurity compliance (PCI framework & DSP2.) 

Data privacy/data governance and related program integration (Gramm-Leach-Billey Act, PIPEDA Act, and GDPR).


Co-Development & Technology Licensing 

Technology licensing (incl. cloud computing.)

Technology collaboration. 

Intellectual Property licensing. 

Translations & Jurilinguistic support

English to French and French to English. 

Translations of legal documents, marketing collaterals and commercial agreements. 

Translations in a legal context.

Linguistic review of various texts in English and French.

We conduct reviews and research into various fields of knowledge across international legislation, to capture the essence of various topics of negotiation topics, areas of economic activity, industry-specific terminology and the laws that govern them, and to ensure the correctness of the technical construct and accuracy in both the English and French languages.​