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Contracting & negotiating


Contract development process

We can support you on a broad range of commercial agreements. We provide a complete review in terms price, acceptance revenue recognition, value for money, delivery, payment terms, after sales service and maintenance arrangements, quality, lifetime cost of a product or a service. That may include information pertaining to compliance, service level obligations, warranties, liability limits, data protections, and transfer rights among other terms. We work with your team, to coordinate changes with contract drafts, based on business strategy discussions, implementation needs and expectations.

​​Research & comparative studies

We apply a methodical approach backed by data, comparison, business development and industry knowledge .

Contract model development


We can also develop specific standards for bidding and submission, contract negotiations and document management, including policy drafting services specifically related to your commercial activities.



Contract management services 

It doesn’t end when you sign the contract. We can help you manage the contract. report on compliance with its terms and conditions, as well as document any changes that may arise during its implementation. That may include any disagreements or misunderstandings at negotiation or implementation stage. We can also assist you in rethinking  your company's processes; using online systems to provide a satisfactory overview of internal and external contract relationships, and alert systems for the disclosure of contractual obligations. Compliance often requires specific solution approaches to identify and effectively control risks, optimize processes with the aim to achieve improvements in terms of cost, quality, service and speed.

A dedicated go-to person

We will designate in agreement with you or your management team, a dedicated contract negotiator and go-to person who will take on a coordinating role in the contract development process.

We provide you with information, tools (and/or relevant factors to take into consideration when formulating business decisions, to help you navigate through the challenges of contracting and negotiations, identify exposure, acquire knowledge and make your own decisions.

For international business contracts, we also propose short information sessions related to best practices and drafting methods, which may consist in a mixture of presentation, discussions, case method and case study work to put things into a clearer perspective and ensure that key knowledge can be applied on the job.

We are available 6 days a week from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (EST). Our services are also fully available in French.  

Because of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on travel, we work with you online using secure videoconferencing. We also use email encryption and are equipped for SSH-SFTP connectivity using Static IP  for sensitive information.

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