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Inheritance in France

Inheritance and property ownership in France

Notarial Language, Legal Process & Linguistic Services

Are you located in Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany or in any English-speaking or German-speaking country? SpeakTheSame is here to help you navigate through the challenges of inheriting or owning real estate located in France.

The laws in France are different from those in your country. How does inheritance work in France? How do I plan for my legacy if I am about to purchase property in France? What’s the legal process if I want to sell property located in France?



Consultation Services


Assessing your situation and laying out options to determine the best way forward: identifying your objectives, answering general questions about the French legal process, time frame and representation in France.

Legal Reading & Liaison Interpreting Services

Legal reading in English, French and German of documents emanating from French notaires, such as power of attorneys, a mortgage contract, and other draft documents which must be thoroughly read and perfectly understood prior to signature, in order to be admissible in France.


Acting as liaison with a French notaire

Inheritance planning for expats or foreigners with real estate in France: marriage contracts, wills, donations, purchases and sales.


Notarial Process Support

Taking on a coordinating role (organizing communications, information interviews and research depending on the foreign situation,) and facilitating the dialogue despite the distance. 

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