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Online private and small group classes.

Beginner, intermediate or advanced levels. 

Learning material is included.

Learn from anywhere at your own pace. 

No specific computer skills required.

On-site training (on request)

Our French courses will most benefit participants who wish to communicate more effectively in French with their colleagues, employers, clients, contractors and business partners in Canada and around the world. 


We bring experience in tutoring, teaching and managing online learner groups by videoconference and telephone. 

We discuss your objectives. We make a plan. We work together to adapt the assessments methods and the learning process to your level of proficiency, to your industry or to your working environment.


Our courses follow training objectives, methodology and consist in mixture of presentation, discussions, case method and case study work to put things into a clearer perspective and ensure that key knowledge can be applied “on the job” or in everyday life. 


You will have the opportunity- regularly - to evaluate the progress made, to write tests, answer short in-class quizzes and to solve an in-class problem scenario.


We provide the language training material, and we share useful resources and the use of various tools, methods and pedagogical techniques (exercises in context, role playing, speaking, and audio-visual techniques.

Anyone who wishes to communicate effectively with colleagues, suppliers, clients, or a business partner using French as a language of communication

Current or future employees  of the Federal Government of Canada who are required to pass the Second Language Evaluation (SLE) Test in French (reading, writing and oral )

Anyone who wishes to travel or to relocate to a French speaking area or anyone who simply wants to communicate in French and improve their level.

The French speaking world

Media /Material

Arts & Culture

History & Geography



We start this day of April! 

Groupe de conversation en ligne - niveau avancé.

Conversational French

Intermediate to advanced

SLE - Preparation intensive  à l'examen d'oral TCO Niveau C