A company that helps you understand the important business or life decisions that you make in another language.  

The most successful negotiations are those where the parties, at some point, speak the same language. We help our clients identify the most pressing needs of each side and figure out ways to bring them together.

Are you inheriting or receiving ownership rights of an immovable property located in France? Are you thinking of buying, selling or transferring real estate located in France? Do you need help with international property in your will? Do you need personal assistance abroad to help you through the legal process in English, German or French? 

We are here to help you through your journey.

French is an official language at home in Canada, the first or second language of many independent countries, and a major language of business and international communications.

Learning French will not only set you up as a front runner in your professional field, but leave you with a rich sense of belonging to a world culture.

More and more international companies shift from adopting a single language policy to providing new opportunities such as immersion training and job rotations that allow employees to build on life experience, existing knowledge and an understanding of diverse backgrounds.


Discovering a world culture

The French speaking world